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Overwhelmed by "new mom" information out there, Fit Mama was created to help guide our friends with simple fitness, health, vitality and wellness solutions. Rather than segregate new moms, Fit Mama is all about affordable personal fitness and community solutions.

  • 4-week online fitness & health program - self-paced
  • 12-week online fitness & health program - backed by a Fit Mama Coach
  • Licensed Fit Mama classes available at local fitness centres and gyms
No two moms are the same, no two babies are the same.
Together we can help women feel
energised, supported and healthy.

Online Coaching Programs - Fit Mama & Thrive Underwire

4-Week Online course: combining fitness videos, technique sessions, downloadable programs, an easy to follow fitness program, nutrition, blogs, educational modules to download - creating habits, finding motivation, fitness psychology, goal setting, finding your feet as a new mom, and setting clear and sustainable strategies. Everything you need for the new mom who is ready and raring to go. This is a "self-paced" and self-service course. Ready?

12-Week Online course: same content from the 4-week course but taking it at a steadier pace and more in-depth. You'll be given a named Fit Mama Coach, someone who is with you throughout the 12-weeks and is there to guide and coach you through the easy days, and those oh-so-difficult days too. Walking you through each module and helping you to find the right exercises for you - specifically you - this is a tailored fitness course set alongside educational modules. You'll learn about setting goals that are personalised to you, your coach will make sure you create sustainable habits, will be communicating with you as often as you need too. You'll have downloadable fitness programs, fitness videos, nutrition advice, blogs and everything you need to succeed. This is a wholly tailored course improving your chances of success! Whether to feel more energised, find new workouts for your family life, address family food menus, and get your body into shape after pregnancy... this is for you!

Become a Fit Mama Licensed Business

With an endless supply of fitness classes and programs Fit Mama was born due to the lack of options available to the new mom demographic.

Not only is the new mom looking for a fresh way to approach her fitness and health, but she's also looking to bring along her baby.

Fit Mama swooped in to provide exactly that - challenging fitness classes, designed and developed with new mom bodies in mind (do you know they can be a little different than pre-baby!), where the baby can tag along.

From a business perspective this is music to your ears! The sweetest honey! The best way to retain and develop your rewarding relationships with key clients!

A simple monthly license fee, coupled with certificate-awarded trainers in your gym, full business setup support, branding, and class program ideas for your PT's to follow - this is a strong proposition for any serious fitness business.

To find out more about how to retain and attract clients, contact the Fit Mama Fitness team: business@fitmama.co

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About Michelle Caira

After qualifying as a master personal trainer, Michelle Caira felt drawn to work exclusively with women and their fitness journey throughout pregnancy and beyond. Becoming a subject matter expert on pre-, ante- and post-natal, Michelle combines her fitness classes with a community feel, ensuring that new moms have not only a fitness session, but the chance to find friends and share similar stories.

In an industry that seems to be all about "shredding the fat", "beach body ready" and "here's my before and after shots!" Michelle found that, whilst there is a place for this mainstream fitness, there was something missing for the new mom client. Without doubt the majority of moms training under Michelle's guidance have had the desire to firm up, lose the "baby weight", and get their bodies back, but the women themselves realise and appreciate that their post-natal body can be a little stubborn, need a little more TLC and maybe, just maybe, a little different approach to working out!

And so, Fit Mama was born!

Michelle is dedicated to the physical fitness, nutrition, energy and mental health of her clients. Fit Mama courses have been developed with these elements in mind. It's more than simply working out... Welcome to the Fit Mama World!

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